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Canadian Football League Awards - Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy

CFL Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy - Outstanding Player Western Division

Awarded annually to the player in the Western Division considered to be the most valuable to his team. Since 1973 the award has gone to the Most Outstanding Player in the Western Division. In 1995 the Award was presented to the Most Outstanding Player in the Northern Division.

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CFL - Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy Past Winners


1946 Bill Wusyk Calgary
1947 Bob Sandberg Winnipeg
1948 Keith Spaith Calgary
1949 Keith Spaith Calgary
1950 Lindy Berry Edmonton
1951 Glen Dobbs Saskatchewan
1952 Jack Jacobs Winnipeg
1953 John Henry Johnson Calgary
1954 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1955 Ken Carpenter Saskatchewan
1956 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1957 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1958 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1959 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1960 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1961 Jackie Parker Edmonton
1962 Eagle Day Calgary
1963 Joe Kapp B.C.
1964 Tom Brown B.C.
1965 George Reed Saskatchewan
1966 Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan
1967 Peter Liske Calgary
1968 Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan
1969 Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan
1970 Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan
1971 Don Jonas Winnipeg
1972 Mack Herron Winnipeg
1973 George McGowan Edmonton
1974 Tom Wilkinson Edmonton
1975 Willie Burden Calgary
1976 Ron Lancaster Saskatchewan
1977 Jerry Tagge B.C.
1978 Tom Wilkinson Edmonton
1979 Waddell Smith Edmonton
1980 Dieter Brock Winnipeg
1981 Dieter Brock Winnipeg
1982 Tom Scott Edmonton
1983 Warren Moon Edmonton
1984 Willard Reaves Winnipeg
1985 Mervyn Fernandez B.C.
1986 James Murphy Winnipeg
1987 Brian Kelly Edmonton
1988 David Williams B.C.
1989 Tracy Ham Edmonton
1990 Craig Ellis Edmonton
1991 Doug Flutie B.C.
1992 Doug Flutie Calgary
1993 Doug Flutie Calgary
1994 Doug Flutie Calgary
1995 Dave Sapunjis Calgary
1996 Robert Mimbs Saskatchewan
1997 Jeff Garcia Calgary
1998 Kelvin Anderson Calgary
1999 Allen Pitts Calgary
2000 Dave Dickenson Calgary
2001 Kelvin Anderson Calgary
2002 Milt Stegall Winnipeg
2003 Dave Dickenson B.C.
2004 Casey Printers B.C.
2005 Corey Holmes Saskatchewan
2006 Geroy Simon B.C.
2007 Kerry Joseph Saskatchewan Roughriders
2008 Henry Burris Calgary