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Most Shut Outs in a Season by A Goaltender

Player Season Team Most Shut Outs
George Hainsworth 1928-29Montreal Canadiens22
Alec Connell 1925-26Ottawa Senators15
Alec Connell 1927-28Ottawa Senators15
Tony Esposito 1969-70Chicago Black Hawks15
Hal Winkler 1927-28Boston Bruins15
George Hainsworth 1926-27Montreal Canadiens14
Clint Benedict 1926-27Montreal Maroons13
Alec Connell 1926-27Ottawa Senators13
George Hainsworth 1927-28Montreal Canadiens13
Dominik Hasek 1997-98Buffalo Sabres13
Harry Lumley 1953-54Toronto Maple Leafs13
John Ross Roach 1928-29New York Rangers13
Roy Worters 1928-29New York Americans13
Bernie Parent 1973-74Philadelphia Flyers12
Bernie Parent 1974-75Philadelphia Flyers12
Terry Sawchuk 1951-52Detroit Red Wings12
Terry Sawchuk 1953-54Detroit Red Wings12
Terry Sawchuk 1954-55Detroit Red Wings12
Tiny Thompson 1928-29Boston Bruins12
Martin Brodeur 2006-07New Jersey Devils12
Charlie Gardiner 1930-31Chicago Black Hawks12
Glenn Hall 1955-56Detroit Red Wings12
Clint Benedict 1928-29Montreal Maroons11
Martin Brodeur 2003-04New Jersey Devils11
Lorne Chabot 1927-28New York Rangers11

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is the premier hockey league in the world. The National Hockey League (NHL) currently consists of 30 teams, in major cities of the United States and Canada.The NHL was founded in 1917 amid a storm of controversy in Canadian hockey leagues.