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Most Assists in a Season

Player Season Team Goals Assists Points
Wayne Gretzky 1985-86Edmonton Oilers 52163215
Wayne Gretzky 1984-85Edmonton Oilers 73135208
Wayne Gretzky 1982-83Edmonton Oilers 71125196
Wayne Gretzky 1990-91Los Angeles Kings 41122163
Wayne Gretzky 1986-87Edmonton Oilers 62121183
Wayne Gretzky 1981-82Edmonton Oilers 92120212
Wayne Gretzky 1983-84Edmonton Oilers 87118205
Wayne Gretzky 1988-89Los Angeles Kings 54114168
Mario Lemieux 1988-89Pittsburgh Penguins 85114199
Wayne Gretzky 1980-81Edmonton Oilers 55109164
Wayne Gretzky 1987-88Edmonton Oilers 40109149
Wayne Gretzky 1989-90Los Angeles Kings 40102142
Bobby Orr 1970-71Boston Bruins 37102139
Mario Lemieux 1987-88Pittsburgh Penguins 7098168
Adam Oates 1992-93Boston Bruins 4597142
Doug Gilmour 1992-93Toronto Maple Leafs 3295127
Pat LaFontaine 1992-93Buffalo Sabres 5395148
Mario Lemieux 1985-86Pittsburgh Penguins 4893141
Peter Stastny 1981-82Quebec Nordiques 4693139
Joe Thornton 2006-07San Jose Sharks 2292114
Mario Lemieux 1995-96Pittsburgh Penguins 6992161
Wayne Gretzky 1993-94Los Angeles Kings 3892130
Ron Francis 1995-96Pittsburgh Penguins 2792119
Mario Lemieux 1992-93Pittsburgh Penguins 6991160
Wayne Gretzky 1991-92Los Angeles Kings 3190121

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New York, NY 10020


The National Hockey League (NHL) is the premier hockey league in the world. The National Hockey League (NHL) currently consists of 30 teams, in major cities of the United States and Canada.The NHL was founded in 1917 amid a storm of controversy in Canadian hockey leagues.