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National Hockey League (NHL) Records (end of 2003 season)

National Hockey League (NHL) Records

Welcome to Rauzulu's Street NHL hockey records section. We have compiled our NHL records section into one comprehensive area. There is an extensive amount of information here and is broken down by NHL Record sections as outlined below.

National Hockey League (NHL) pages on Rauzulu's Street:

National Hockey League (NHL) Information
National Hockey League (NHL) Directory
National Hockey LeagueTeam Information
National Hockey League (NHL) Awards
National Hockey League (NHL) Records
National Hockey League (NHL) Champions
National Hockey League (NHL) All Star Game and Events
National Hockey League (NHL) History of League

Have an interest in the National Hockey League (NHL) past records and players statistics? We would recommend the NHL Official Guide and Record Book.


National Hockey League (NHL) Records Year by Year

NHL Records Year by Year (updated for 2003)

First we have a look at the team records, namely how did they do in a particular year. Included in this, is a year by year summary of the final NHL standings. Also available from this area is a summary of scoring leaders and penalty leaders that led the NHL each year.

National Hockey League (NHL) Year by Year Standings and Leaders

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National Hockey League (NHL) All Time Leaders

National Hockey League (NHL) All Time Leaders (updated for 2006)

Perhaps you are looking for the all time leader in a category, or who among the active NHL players is leading in a category, such as goals, assists or penalty minutes. Then use the all time link to get this information.

National Hockey League (NHL) All Time and Active Players Records

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National Hockey League (NHL) General Records

National Hockey League (NHL) General Records (updated for 2003)

We have split our general record section into overall NHL Team Records, Individual Records, and Stanley Cup Records . At the same time we have expanded our record section to include a more comprehensive listing. Click on the separate record links for a more detailed listing of that record. Separate team records are contained in the team information section. Also the rosters of the Stanley Cup winning teams, can be accessed from the Stanley Cup page under the Trophies section.

Team Records
Individual Records
Stanley Cup Records

A Comment: The NHL Record Book makes a distinction between it's records of a 70 game plus schedule, and less games than this. We figure a record is a record, and should not be qualified. Just our opinion, mind you. But what does it matter? For those of you who are concerned about this, write the NHL head office. If you're not then continue on. We have noted the 70 game rulings in this area also, against the wishes of Rauzulu. The major issue in his opinion is they do not apply it across the board, only in selected areas. Our opinion is, If you want to apply this rule, then create two complete sets of records.